Kronos is a purveyor of subject matter
expertise, technical support, and
dynamic analytic solutions and
services that include:
 Terrorism, CT, and CVE-Rad Expertise
 Geostrategy Expertise
 Defense Policy Development Expertise
 Technical Mitigation Expertise
 Terrorism Research and Analysis
 Intelligence Analysis
 Geopolitical Analysis
 Human Terrain Mapping and Analysis
 Predictive Analysis
 Resiliency Analysis
 Case Studies and Comparative Analysis
 Red Teaming
 Open Source Exploitation
 Field Research
 Source Cultivation
 ISR Support 
 Other IW Support
 Strategic Threat Assessments
 Tactical Threat Assessments
 Detection and Denial Support
 Overseas Risk Management
 Extraction and Evacuation Planning
 Scoping Studies
 IO Support
 Strategic Communications Support
 Super-Critical Language Translation
 Multilingual Mission Support
 Technology Transition Management
 Technology Transfer Management
 Dynamic Briefings
 Intelligence Training
 Leadership Training
 Simulations Support and Management
 Legal Casework Support
 Legislative Assistance
 Foreign Partnership Building
 Thought Leadership Seminars
 Conference Management
“For America’s warfighters, hope is not a strategy for success. Hope is the stuff of last resorts.”
— Kronos CEO MajGen James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret)
Power shifts in the Middle East and North Africa are accommodating a surge in radical narratives that fuel the Global Jihad. Concurrently, state sponsorship of terrorism and insurgency has become the most lethal issue confronting US and allied forces engaged in overseas contingency operations. Meanwhile, the convergence of crime, terrorism and insurgency — promoted by rogue regimes like the one in control of Iran — is fast becoming the chief threat to global security.
Increased global economic competition among rising powers could also exacerbate issues such as these. Indeed, as lucrative opportunities lure companies from nations with limited defense and intelligence resources into ungoverned areas and failed states the potential flashpoints for conflict will multiply.
If our world seems more difficult to understand than ever before, you’re paying attention.
To manage increasingly complex international affairs, security officials require more robust decision-support solutions that leverage high-level subject matter expertise and innovative thought leadership in the areas of irregular warfare, geostrategy, and associated policy development. And history tells us human intelligence will be central to any successful programs that seek to advance American and allied interests in this volatile environment.
From subject matter expertise with transnational extremist networks, to predictive analytic capabilities that can help officials identify and understand future challenges before they materialize, to strong relationships with lawmakers committed to helping defense and intelligence organizations achieve their missions, Kronos Advisory’s global network can deliver a range of vital resources national security managers require to more fully understand their operational environment — and define it.
Kronos can also help private entities and individuals seeking more informed understandings of issues and events monitored by our network, along with actionable insights of opportunities to improve security for their investments, infrastructure and personnel. Additionally, we are pleased to partner with research, investigative and news media organizations that require assistance with matters of concern to our experts and analysts.
Kronos Advisory, LLC
Established in 2011 by MajGen James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret) and Michael S. Smith II